20+ Free Recipes Cookbook Templates (Word, PSD, AI, PDF)

A cookbook is a compilation of recipes, instructions, and information on how to prepare and serve different foods. In other words, we can refer a cookbook as a treasury or chronicle of fine art cooking that, if not reserved in writing, may get lost. We may also describe a cookbook a detailed book with instructions […]

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DIY Gift Coupon Templates for Word – Free Printables

Another example would be to include the type of discount, such as “Get $10.00 off your next vehicle maintenance check”. This is known as the coupons ‘Face Value’ so it’s a good idea to make it ‘shout out’, so to speak. You may also consider giving a percentage-based discount, such as “20 percent off your next purchase”.

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Free Printable Gift Coupon Template - Coupons for Everyone

Lots of people will like gift coupons. Gift certificates have grown in popularity over the years. They were once derided as being indicative of a relationship in which both people didn’t know each other very well. Today, gift certificates are standard. However, people can save themselves even more time and money by using gift coupons.

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At, you can find and download free templates, samples, and examples for any type of document.

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45+ Raffle Ticket Templates (Word | Excel) Make Your Own

If you are looking to earn money for a school, club, or organization, one of the things that you often turn to is the help of a raffle. With a raffle, you can earn money while giving everyone a chance to win something big and exciting. You can use a raffle for a variety of […]

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40+ FREE Thank You Card Templates (for Word, PSD, AI)

More than often, people do underestimate the significance of a simple handwritten thank you card. With the increased advancement of technology, nearly everybody is now connected to a smartphone. Therefore, it looks easy to text, email, or make a phone call to say thank you. Nonetheless, a handwritten thank you speak louder than anything else. […]

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20+ Free Birthday Card Templates (for Word, PSD, AI)

Birthdays usually happen one each year and are never complete till you send best wishes to the individual. Birthday cards provide you the opportunity to make the occasion special for your loved ones. It’s always essential to consider the recipient’s taste when choosing a birthday card for them. But regardless of the card you select, […]

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14+ FREE Movie Ticket Templates to Design Customized Tickets

Whether you are running your own movie theater or an event where movies can be watched, it’s always a good idea to have Movie Tickets printed up for your customers. You can do this using a Movie Ticket Template. What is the Purpose of a Movie Ticket? Movie tickets are your way of keeping track […]

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19+ Free Ticket Templates (Word | PDF) Design Your Own Tickets

Whether you are holding a raffle or showing a film, you need tickets to help keep track of things. Tickets are used in movie theaters, tourist attractions, amusement parks, public transportation, raffles, and events. To create the best ticket for your event, you can use a number of Ticket Templates that are customizable. What is […]

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18+ Free Award Certificate Templates (Word | PDF)

When you want to celebrate and recognize something that someone has accomplished, you often do it with an Award Certificate. Award certificates have been used to celebrate all kinds of achievements, big and small. They are used in schools by teachers to recognize something special that a child has accomplished, given during sports events, used […]

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12+ Free Event Ticket Templates (Word | Excel) - Make Your

An event ticket would give the attendee an idea about the entire event. They would know where and when to visit and what to expect from the event. There are certain aspects to keep in mind when designing the event ticket templates. With the advancement in the field of technology, it has now become easier […]

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