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Growers House is a family owned and operated hydroponics supplies and indoor gardening center. We have both a retail and online store based out of Tucson, AZ

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Method Seven 7 Resistance Perfect Color HPS Plus+ Glasses

Use coupon code: METHOD7 to get 10% off your order! For a limited time only. The Method 7 Resistance+ glasses are different from the original Resistance glasses in that they come with a silver coating for versatility indoors and out.

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Genesis Hydroponic Nutrient Doser by Sustainable

Use coupon code: GrowersHouseYay to get $50 off your preorder purchase through Sustainable Microfarms website. Discount code will be entered just before checkout. The Genesis hydroponic nutrient controller is the first product to make hydroponics easy, accessible, and automated so that anyone can adopt hydroponic farming.

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Best 6 Plant & Bud Trimming Machines Reviewed: Which

Coupon codes for bud trimmers mentioned (coupons may or may not work depending on time of year and cannot be combined with other sales or discounts): TrimBag Coupon: TRIMBAG10 for 10% off; CenturionPro Coupon: CENT7 for 7% off; Twister Coupon: TWIST5 for 5% off; GreenBroz Coupon: Add to cart for 10% off; Triminator Coupon: TRM8TR for 5% off

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Tappin Roots All Stages *DISCONTINUED*

Tappin' Roots All Stages is made from a blend of wild botanical extracts rich in growth & health stimulating properties. When these extracts are applied, plants respond with fast growth, brilliant vitality and an increased ability to fend off a variety of stressors. Visible results can be seen within days of application.

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Horticulture Lighting Group 610W Commercial LED HLG650 R

The HLG 650R Commercial Indoor Horticulture LED grow light, designed as replacement for a Double-ended 1000 watt HID lamp, using the full-spectrum, high-efficiency QB648 DIABLO quantum boards featuring Samsung LM301H + Deep-Red 660nm LEDs dimmable from 60-660 watts! The HLG 650R LED light is dimmable, with wattage output from 60 to 610 watts. Includes a free pair of LED glasses, only when you

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Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 300 V2 LED - 300W 2

Use coupon code: HLG5 to get 5% off any HLG LED lights exclusively at

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Orca Grow Film direct from Growers House

The most technologically advanced reflective film available. Orca grow film diffuses 99% of the light reflected off its surface so that you don't have reflective hot spots, and instead get uniform light intensity across your entire growing area. Add to that the 94% reflective performance of Orca film, which is better than mylar, white paint, and other common reflective films.

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Horticulture Lighting Group HLG Elite 360W LED Kit

HLG ELITE 360 LED Kit is 360W LED lamp that is an upgrade to 315W CMH or an equivalent of 600W HPS. ELITE 360 is powered with our custom designed high-efficiency Full Spectrum White LED with boosted Red and Deep Red LED. Designed for greenhouse and indoor horticulture. Kit comes un-assembled with parts only. Use coupon code: HLG5 to get 5% off any HLG LED lights exclusively at

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Trimbag Collapsible Hand-held Dry Trimmer + 2 Pairs of

The Trimbag is the first collapsible, hand-held dry trimmer on the market. The Trimbag helps you trim large quantities of flower in minutes. The Trimbag can hold up to 2 lbs of flower material at a time allowing you to trim this quantity of flowers and buds in around 5 minutes. The Trimbag can take the place of a bud trimmer ten times the cost with ease. The Trimbag is an affordable, portable

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SpinPro Hand Leaf Trimmer Review & Unboxing

Shop for Trimmers on our site now! Video Transcript: "Hey everyone, it's Nate with Growers House and today we're doing the unboxing review of the SpinPro Original Trimmer.What comes with the SpinPro Original Leaf Trimmer is an instruction manual, a bottom bowl for catching material, the top grate with the blades in it that cuts off the excess material, the top portion with the fingers that

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